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For musicians who don't compromise convenience, protection and portability for their pedal effects and other music equipment... Stompin-Ground steps up to the stage with a line of world class pedal board systems, accessories and shockmount rack cases customized for your needs.

Stompin-Ground Pedalboards gives you a superior hook and loop fastening systems in a low-profile design for reliable performance. Setup your pedal effects in a snap with Stompin-Ground Pedal Boards. Save time and focus on what you do best... Play!

Stompin-Ground Pedalboards minimizes the complexities of pedal effect set-ups by letting you set-up your pedal board once however changes are easy when your set up requires change!

Each pedal board has the option of many different road and flight touring case configurations to meet your transportation demands. Whether you need a heavy-duty structure of an ATA style flight case or one with lighter weight and function with great durability... Stompin-Ground Pedalboards meets your case requirements on a professional level. Add the Tilt-Wheels and Extension Handle option and transporting your pedal effects will never be easier!

Our custom pedal boards and touring case designs offer a perfect solution for the professional musician or stage technician. The Stompin-Ground system reduces the complexities and problems of using pedal effects providing a new ease for the musician on the go.

Stompin-Ground Flight and Road Cases have all the right stuff: Nickel-Plated Steel Corners, Twin Channel Inter-locking Valance, Full Length Hinging, Protective Interior Foam, optional Tilt-Wheels, key-locks, colors and MUCH MORE!

Truly state of the art manufacturing.


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