Stompin-Ground History

Stompin’ Ground ® Pedalboards Systems evolved from an idea that started in 1983 when I lived in Los Angeles, CA.  My good friend and band member, fellow guitarist Craig Klotz, had an idea to get a piece of plywood and attach some square “Hook and Loop” patches he had seen at the store to the board and his pedals.  Even though the patches were kind of small and his pedals kind of teeter-tottered as he used them, I liked the concept.  I took it one step further and used longer strips on a thinner piece of paneling.  That worked pretty good but I thought if I wanted to change my set-up, some of the pedals would not line up on the existing strips.  Thus came the idea to cover the entire surface of the panel with the “Loop” fabric.

This Pedalboard worked out so well and was so easy to use that I thought other musicians could certainly benefit from having one.  In 1986 I made a Pedalboard/Case combo called the “Fexbox”, available to the public in small quantities.  As it turned out, the more I gigged with my Pedalboard, the more other musicians took note of it and thought it was pretty cool. In 1994, I changed the name to Stompin’ Ground Pedalboards and launched a company called Sphere Manufacturing which started producing Pedalboard systems on a larger scale.  In 1997, the name of the company was changed to the Southwind Manufacturing Company and the product line was expanded.

Today, produces great pedalboard systems with the same vision that started back in 1983.  We offer really great products that simply work through quality and ingenuity, adding a lot of value for your money and to your performing experience.

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