Can you make riser tall enough so I can put something underneath?

Yes, however there are a couple of things to consider for that type of “span” riser where a device will go underneath vs. a “low profile” riser.

The overall height of the pedalboard will be taller due to the device underneath the riser.  Therefore the whole case will need to be taller to accommodate the taller board.  Often pedals do not need to be raised that high for easy access making it less ergonomic during performance.

Cost will be more for a span riser and depending on final design, it might not be moveable or not easily moved.  There may also be an added cost to the base pedalboard depending on how the riser will be mounted and an increase in the cost of the case due to the added height.  That added height is often wasted as extra space for dead air and foam.

Often a low profile riser can be made to raise the pedal just enough to function well without requiring the case to be much bigger and heavier than needed.  A power supply can be mounted on the top surface of a pedalboard.  This will increase the footprint but that can also increase the real estate for pedals now or in the future yet the volume of the case may be less compared to a span riser design.  So please carefully consider the difference between a pedalboard with a slightly smaller footprint using a span riser vs. a lower overall pedalboard height in a slimmer case that uses it’s space more efficiently.

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Can you make cases to be carry on sized for airlines?

Yes, generally speaking.  Keep in mind there is some “gray” area here.  Different airlines have different size and weight limitations for what they consider to be acceptable for carry on.  Furthermore different aircraft models within each airline have different limits as well.  To further complicate matters, consider that certain flights may be overloaded with carry on luggage and you may be required to check your carry on as baggage.  Not a great scenario if your carry on item is not well protected.  You may want to consult with an airline representative regarding carry on limitations.

All that said, we can make the exterior of our cases to closely match your specifications.  The contents that go into the case has the biggest factor on the exterior size and weight.  The more foam and protection we install inside the case will affect the exterior size and weight as well.  Sometimes you can compromise protection to get a case small enough to be considered for carry on.  That is something you may need to carefully consider.

Do you have a warranty on cases or offer repair services?

Yes.  Clients have been very happy with our cases.  If there is an issue with materials or workmanship other than normal wear and tear, we will fix it.  More info regarding our warranty.  We have had a few clients happily send cases in for repair when they were damaged by carriers or excessive use.  We also have sent out replacement parts like wheels that wore out and latches that got smashed.  Bottom line is these are nice cases and they are very durable.  There’s a reason why touring professionals, managers and techs love them.  They offer high value with a long life span.

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General Info

Do you have a warranty on your products?

Yes. We have a limited lifetime warranty. Customers have been using our products for years without any problems. To view the details of the warranty, just click here.

Do you have any comments or suggestion from people who have bought your product?

Yes. See our “Testimonials” page. Click here.

Do you ship internationally?

Yes. Shipping charges can be calculated in the shopping cart. There are size limitations that vary by destination. All duty and taxes would be the responsibility of the buyer. All transactions are done using U.S. funds.

Do you have handles on your pedalboards to pull the board out of the case?

We can install handles but typically you do not need them with our case design. The cases have a space where you can easily put your hand underneath, pull it up and then grab it with both hands to remove it. It works well and doesn’t clutter the pedalboard with more things than necessary.

Does a power supply come with your pedalboards?

You may purchase an external power supply such as one of the Voodoo Lab Pedal Power series. They are a very versatile and high quality professional product. We have them at some great price and support them with a vast selection of stock and custom power cables. Click here for more details

How much hook and loop material does do I need for each pedal?

The pedalboards are covered with the loop fabric and the pedals typically need one strip of the PSA backed Hook on the toe and heel positions. Applying too much Hook material often makes it more difficult to remove the pedals when disired.

I have lots of pedals so do I need to buy more of the Hook material to mount them all to the board?

The pedalboards come with a good supply of the Hook strip material that can generally rig a full pedalboard with some to spare. The amount supplied depends on the size of the pedalboard. We haven’t had a problem with people needing more than what comes with the pedalboard unless they have more pedals than what would normally fit on that pedalboard. More material can be ordered initially or at any time thereafter.

If I purchase a board and find it is not what I want, what is your return policy?

Please review our return policy here.

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