The following testimonials are from Stompin-Ground customers who voluntarily contacted us.  Please send us your comments, we’d like to hear from you.  Over the years, we have received an overwhelmingly positive response for our products…  Thank You!  If you would like your testimonial to link back to your website or social media, contact us.  If you would like a photo of your Stompin-Ground gear, please send us a picture.

“The stuff traveled incredibly well… thanks for building a really great product that works!”

David Torn
Producer, Engineer, Musician
“Guitar Player” Magazine’s “Guitarists who shook the world.”
David Torn Link1
David Torn Link2

“Your testimonials do not do you justice.  As glowing as they are, your level of service is at a great level and I thank you for that.”

Best Regards,
Reuben Luke


“This pedalboard and case combo is the most practical, cost effective and functional system I’ve ever come across – and I’ve used several different types. It’s also very lightweight, which helps tremendously. Thanks for a great product, Stompin Ground!”

Best, Justin Meldal-Johnsen
Beck, Air, Tori Amos, Ima Robot

[A little bit of what Justin writes later…]  “The case is really cool! …  “Your products are amazing, and you will undoubtedly continue to receive referrals from me in the future.”

All the best,


“Troy, You’re boards have saved my touring life! To quote Krusty the Clown: — “…I’m a lazy, lazy man…” — They save me the headaches from setting up and tearing down night after night because I’ve got everything pre-wired and ready to pop back into its case after the gig… no problems.”

Scott “Tickla” Palmer
John Brown’s Body

Scott passed away June 7, 2006. Your memory will be with me for life.  Thanks for the good times.  Rest in peace.  Scott owned 3 custom Stompin-Ground pedalboards and cases, a shockmount rack and a custom case made for his Furman SPB-8 pedal board.

Here’s some SPB-8 pictures:

John Brown’s Body played at the Bottleneck in Lawrence, KS on 11-2-02 and we all had a great time.  Here’s some pictures:

“Hey Troy, sorry it took me so long!!  Man, the whole set up is super easy to move around, its heavy duty and it just plain looks cool.  I’ve had the — ——–*, the ———-*, all the —* stuff, and some other custom stuff, but this is by the far the best product I have ever used.  It also has the best velcro out of all the ones I’ve seen- The case is a dream, I can store all of my stuff inside.  This should last me for years- I’m done with shopping for pedalboards for good!”

Thanks again for everything!

[ * Editors note:  The names of these pedalboards have been removed.  As much as we like the comparison, we do not feel it is fair to put any other pedal board in a bad light.  Our products speak for themselves. –Troy]

“Troy, Shipment arrived today, nicely packaged. It looks like everything is in fine shape. Thanks for the prompt shipment!!”

Bluzberry Pi

“Troy, I can’t thank you enough for all the help you gave me with this pedalboard and case!  The fit is perfect, it’s obviously built to survive the baggage tossers and with the handle and wheels, it rolls around airports with ease.  Now I don’t have to worry about my gear when I fly and it’s light enough that I don’t mind using it around town too.  Thanks again for the great service–you guys are a class act!”

Thanks so much, James Nash
The Waybacks
The Waybacks Homepage

“Thanks for a great product at a great price.  I’ve toured around the world with the pedalboard and case twice … has stood up to extensive airline and road travel with ease … a versatile product that really works well”.

Wayne Avers
Guitarist, The Monkees

“Hey Troy, Just wanted to let you know that my pedalboard is great.  It is exactly what I wanted and once I get it completely set up I will send pics.  The Flight case is also excellent and thanks for the lock upgrade.  I appreciate the time spent on this and the quality is awesome!!  I actually was worried that 40X16 would be mammoth, but the size works out very nicely.  [note: ordered Tilt-Wheels ]  Thanks again.  Talk to you soon.”

Shawn Purcell
US Air Force Airmen of Note,
Jazz ensemble
Washington DC

[…Later, Shawn writes:]  “Just wanted to let you know that my pedalboard just went through its first tour with the Air Force Airmen of Note Jazz Band.  Came through with flying colors.  The board goes from my Guitar (Tom Anderson Tele or Strat) into a Geoffrey Teese RMC3 Wah, Analogman true bypass switch, Analog man 808 modded Ibanez TS-9, Fulltone Fulldrive 2, Fulltone Choralflange, Fulltone Supa-Trem, Boss DD5 Digital Delay, Boss RV3 Reverb, and finally to a 1965 Blackface Super Reverb.  Thanks again Troy, this thing has been a life-saver!!!!!!!!!”

Shawn Purcell
Airmen of Note,
US Air Force Jazz Band

[…Later, agian Shawn writes:]  “Hey Troy, My pedal board has changed a bit and I wanted to update my pic.  This thing still rocks.  The velcro has made incredibly easy to customize my board and move things around.  The only thing left is a Robert Keeley Ross Compressor Clone that I am ordering.  Thanks again, this is the best gear purchase I have made in a long time!!!!”

Shawn’s pedalboard with 3 different set-ups:


“Hey Troy, just recieved the pedal board and wanted to say that your craft rivals your customer service. It’s exactly what I needed. Will send a pic when I get everything set up etc.”

Thanks Again,
Blake Berg

[…Later, Blake writes:] “Here’s a pic of the board, I’ve really enjoyed using it the last month or so.”

Blake Berg

“I would just like to take the time in thanking you for supplying me with a 42″ x 16″ Pedal Board and hard case, a few months back.  I have now just completed my project and wish to send you some pictures of my design.”

“Thanks again for the great Service and High quality workmanship.”

Kind Regards,
Euan A. Mackay

“My pedal board is the envy of our rehearsal rooms.  I am extremely happy with it.  It seems very cool indeed…  the case is much more heavy duty than I expected…  should last a few years!  Thanks again for all your help and good luck in the future.  I shall certainly be recomending your stuff to others.”

Cheers, Adam,
the seals, UK

“Hey Troy, It’s perfect!  [Custom Case] Great job, and it has solved one touring problem for good….”

Regards, Wayne Jacques
The Waybacks

“Hi Troy- I just wanted to let you know that the [custom] case arrived yesterday, and it’s exactly what I wanted.”

Thanks again!
Hans Lindauer
Armatronix Engineer
Music Man R&D
Ernie Ball, Inc.

“I just received a 16 space [Heavy-Duty] shock rack from you and I just wanted to tell you that it’s absolutely beautiful and I appreciate it, it’s so gorgeous I think we’re going to put you on the inside of our CD cover as a special thanks, it’s just absolutely phenomenal.”

Marcus Taylor


“I didn’t get a chance to write you back yet because I couldn’t get close enough to the keyboard, due to the huge Woody I’ve been sporting ever since I opened that case up & became a true “Stompin-Ground-aholic”. Good God that thing is build like a tank, yet it’s really easy to move around. I think my Ampeg rig is going to sit at home this weekend and I’m going to see if I can just wing it with the pedals, a DI box and my in-ear monitors.

I’m so glad I ordered the case with the spare compartment. All the extra stuff I normally bring will fit in that bad-boy; my bass stands, mics, in-ear monitors, fan, strings, cables, tools, flashlight, towels, and let’s not forget the ever-important drink-holder! You were right about the strength of the hook-loop system. I can pick up the whole board by one pedal, yet when I need to rearrange them it’s no problem at all.”

Thanks again (and again, and again!)
Mark Mashburn
Bass Player for Velvet Jones
Velvet Jones Homepage

“Stompin Ground, I purchased a travel case from you recently for a pedal board I had purchased quite some time back. I got to use the case with the board this past weekend for the first time (also the first time I saw the case as I had you ship it to a fellow musician in Michigan where I play quite often though I reside in Arizona) and I really loved it. Got many questions and gave everyone information on how I got it. Really nice equipment.”

Thank you,
David Bergsma
Formerly Lyn and The Invaders

“Hi, Troy! Just a quick note to let you know how happy I am with the pedalboard I bought from you last March. I run 2 Marshall half-stacks and a small rack in addition to the pedalboard. I’ve mounted 9 pedals, an amp channel switcher and power supply on it and everything fits perfectly. I know I could never achieve the variety and versatility I’m able to get without your board as my centerpiece.

For the first time in my life I’m really happy with my sound in all situations. Get lots of positive feedback, too. I gig several times a week and for all the stuff I use it takes about 10 minutes from the time I open the case to when I’m ready to play. The other guys can’t believe it! I’m glad I got the options like wheels and heavy-duty construction. No, It wasn’t cheap but you do “get what you pay for”, don’t you? When I consider the money invested in pedals that are now well-protected and ease of setup, I really think I made the right choice.

Before I bought yours I did a lot of research into what was available and what you offer makes the other stuff look like toys. One last thing-I really appreciate you calling me personally to be sure I got what would be best for my application. Most companies just don’t care. This thing is built like a tank and makes my life as a working musician infinitely better. What more could I ask?”

Thanks again!!
Bill Johnson

“Hey Troy, I got the pedalboard and it’s insane, man. Thank you so much for your time and your dedication. I never expected that from the owner. Now I don’t have to worry about my pedals on the road. You have a great product.”

Take care!

“I just wanted to tell you that I love my pedalboard. It couldn’t of possibly been put together any better than you put it together… the cases and all, it’s unbelievable. Thanks, I use it everyday… EVERYDAY of the week and it’s awesome.”

Troy Lancaster
Nashville Studio Musician and Producer

hello, troy
“the board arrived on friday….absolutely wonderful !” …”thanks so much for offering such a well made, top notch product.”[–The pedalboard and case shipped seperatly]”the case arrived today. absolutely beautiful. thanks so much for everything. i’ll spread the word about stompin’ ground to all my friends. take care.”

most sincerely
bryan betts

“Thanks for everything, the foam fit perfect and the pedal board is very nice. Combined they will make me play like mike stern or warren haynes or jimi I am just sure of it :-)”

Brook Gannon

“Hey got the board and case today. its gonna work perfect. thanks for making this a swift process. i appreciate it a lot and will most likely use you again for some rack cases.”

jesse sulzer

“Troy, I just rec’d the pedalboard & case in the mail and my expectations were exceeded(great product!). I wanted to say thanks for recommending the wheels for the case as I didn’t expect it to be as heavy as it is.”

Thanks again!
alan wells

“Troy, I just wanted to let you know that I received both cables today. 2 cables should work out fine. These cables look great. If they are as quiet and road worthy as the ads claim I will never buy another cable. And If I do it will be from you. Thank you for the quick delivery and great service.”

Rich moscola

“That’s awesome. You guys have one of the best and most informative websites around. Your explaination of products is excellent, and your prices are very reasonable. Keep up the good work!”

Musically yours,
Brian C. King

“I received the cables late yesterday. They are perfect! I didn’t realize I was losing signal through my “adaptorsize” cable until I plugged in these cables. The lengths are perfect. The 1/8″ cable runs are dead on accurate. There was one oversight on my part. The stick has added plastic standoff to accomadate the GK-2A mounting screw near the main cable jack. The larger TRS 1/4″ housing was being blocked by the standoff. So, I had to file it down to plug in the cable. The plus is the connection is tight and secure. If you ever get another order for this type of cable, you should mention this to your customer.

Your right, next time I would put about a extra 4″ on the shrink tubing where the small cables exits the large cable. But actually, this is unnecessary. The way the cable is ran through the belt hook, the small cable doesn’t move at all. The only tension is after the large cable passes the GK-2A pickup housing on the opposite side of the main jack. I’m very happy with the cables. I want to thank you and your company for the fine work, attention detail and the great customer service. If you could see the cheesy Hosa insert cable (the one that came with the instrument) with the Radio Shack adaptor, you would probably really appreciate my gratitude.”

Thanks for everything,

“Just recieved my order…You guys are the fastest I’ve ever experienced.Thanks for a great product ,at a great price.”

Sean Loether

“I received [my order] in the mail the other day and wanted to thank you for all your help! The reason I waited to e-mail you was to give me a chance to adhere the materials to my boards and pedals. With that done, everything looks great!! – Just what I had envisioned. You guys are a first-rate company! I will recommend you to all my musician buddies, for sure.”

Thanks a million,

“The pedalboard arrived this morning (in time for rehearsal tonight) and it looks great. Thanks again for your assistance and for making such a well-conceived product and I look forward to dealing with you again soon.”

Neil LaFountain
Virginia, USA

“Troy, Thank you for the cable and also appreciate the customer relations . So many others would treat a customer as a sale or number. I also love my pedal board you sold me. It has got to be the best one on the market. Good design, my hats off to you guys at stompin ground.”

Again thanks
Mike Allen

“I got my pedalboard all set up and it’s perfect! I played my first gig with it yesterday and I couldn’t believe how much faster setup and teardown went! The storage compartment is also great. And you weren’t lying about the wheels–definitely worth their weight in gold. My life is suddenly so much easier.”

Thanks again!
Stuart Dietz

“Received the pedalboard! Very cool… I plan to set up tonight… It should work out perfectly. Excellent product and a pleasure doing business with you. Thanks for all your help and for shipping it so quickly, it’s really appreciated …very nice product… I wish you the best.”

Thanks again,
Justin Lees-Smith

“Received my 5 space case on Friday. Excellent work!.”

Darryl Johnson

“Thanks! … a great pedalboard and case. I’m sure I’ll be sending you some more business.”

Gary Bruce
Musician’s Supply, Lexington, SC

“I got my board and case a few days ago and it’s great!  Definitely a big step up from the hunk of plywood I carried around in a keyboard case.  I’ll recommend your stuff highly to all my guitar buddies.”

[A few months later he writes again…]  “Just thought I’d drop you a line letting you know that I’m very happy with the pedal board and road case I bought from you guys a few months ago.  The board was very easy to set up and the hook-and-loop fastening system works like a charm.  I swap or rearrange my pedals a lot and haven’t had any problems.  The road case (light duty one) keeps everything safe and secure.  I’ve been through about ten gigs and thirty practices with this thing.  Set up is a snap!  Anyone using more than a few pedals really ought to get one.  Thanks for making a great product!”

Rennie Mirollo

“Dear Stomping ground,  Thank you very much for my board and case. I didn’t expect it to arrive so quickly. Also, thank you for responding to my e-mail so quickly last time. I really appreciate everything you’ve done.”

Thanks again,
Chris Suttle

“Dear Stompin’ Ground,  “I can’t thank you guys enough for the pedalboard and case.  You did an amazing job on all of it. I received it in excellent condition last week.  I am really impressed by both items, they are perfect!!!  I look forward to possibly doing more business with you guys in the future, and I have already told many others about your products.  Thanks again!!!!”

Dave Garcia

“I’ve been turning all my buds on to your cases (the cases actually sell themselves). Keep up the good work.”

Stanley Cooper
Opus Akoben

“I received the pedalboard and it’s exactly what I needed.  Thanks… very much!  I would like to order a second one, different size…” [proceeds to order]

Thanks a lot,
Gary Dussault

“Troy, Just wanted to let you know that I received my case today safe & sound. VERY nice job! It fits like a glove and the compartment below it is perfect. I always hated that “bag” the SPB-8 came with and this is exactly what I was looking for. I have over $1000 in gear that needs more protection than canvas. It’s strength and light weight are ideal for my needs. I will recommend you highly to anyone who asks about it and likely many that don’t!”

Thanks again!
Mark Palinkas

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