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AC Power Distribution    Cords, blocks, strips
Power Conditioner




G&H Industries
G&H plugs are designed and manufactured to be the most reliable and best sounding plugs in the world.  Look for the "copper tip" to be assured of many years of fail-safe operation and optimum sound.  We Feature them on our premium pedalboard patch cables. 

Pedalboard Patch Cables

George L's

George L's Cables
We carry the full line of George L's famous cables and solderless plugs. Easy to assemble your own custom length cables for your pedalboard, rack or studio. Voted #1 for sound clarity -- Guitar Player Magazine... "It's my favorite cable ever made for guitar"! -- Eric Johnson...   More Info   Go directly to the individual pages:

.155 cable | .225 cable | Speaker cable | Tools

Lava mini ELC cable with solder free right angle and straight plugs
Lava Cable
Lava Cable and G&H Industries has designed a revolutionary DIY solder-free plug specifically designed with tight tolerances to match the Lava Mini ELC cable. The Lava Plug is first solder-free DIY plug on the market not to use a set screw to make the ground connection. Instead, a sleeve making 360 degree ground and outer jacket contact is used.  More Info

The Mogami name is the most well know and respected name for live sound, broadcast and recording studios worldwide.  We feature their best cable for instrument and pedalboard interconnects.

Pedalboard Patch Cables
Instrument Cables

Custom instrument cables featuring Neutrik plugs

Neutrik is a world leader in audio connectors for professional use. We use their C-series plugs for our custom instrument cables. They are extremely rugged and have great tone. Just choose your length, type of cable and plug configuration with our easy on-line ordering forms.   More Info


Godlyke Distributing offers a simple, effective and affordable method for powering your 9-volt effect units. The 1.7 Amp current capability can power over twenty 9-volt effects. Includes Cable-5 daisy chain connector and assorted jumper cables to power phone plug, reverse polarity, battery-only, and Line 6 units. Extra standard and custom cables are available. List: $45.00, our price is only $39.95

See all the Power-All products:
PA-9 | PA-9 AU | PA-9 Euro | PA-9 UK
PA-9 Cables | Universal Travel Adaptor Kit

Radial Engineering

Radial Engineering
Radial offers outstanding signal routing, instrument interfacing, DI boxes and switching solutions for the professional musician, studio applications or sound management for the stage. Great sound is the only option and it's delivered with this innovative line of products. "Radial - True to the Music..."

Radial Engineering | Tonebone

Real McCoy Custom

Real McCoy Custom
RMC offers the best wah pedals in the world. Geoffrey Teese produces these one by one with great care and expertise. Team that with the highest quality components that are used throughout and you have the best sounding wah available. We offer all five models to satisfy the most discriminating tastes.

RMC Wah pedals

Stompin-Ground Pedalboard Systems

Stompin-Ground Pedalboard Systems
Evolutionary pedal board products and solutions that simply work! Stompin-Ground Pedalboard Systems are designed for the touring professional. As well as offering some of the best gear from top manufacturers, we further support our product line with Stompin-Ground Pedalboard Products. Simple solutions from our hard to find and exclusive products. More Info

AC Power Distribution
DC Power Cables
Hook & Loop Supplies
Pedal Board Cases
Rackmount Cases
Spiral Wrap
Wah Mounting Plates


Tonebone offers some great pedals for your arsenal of tone tools. In addition to a couple of versatile distortion pedals, Tonebone antes up an impressive line of pedals for amp selecting, amp head switching, instrument switching, cabinet switching and pedal effects looping for the discriminating musician. Great sound is delivered with this innovative line of pedals.   More Info

Voodoo Lab

Digital Music Corporation


Voodoo Lab
Voodoo Lab has a reputation for building some finest and most useful products for guitar and other instruments. They've been proving themselves for many years with the highest degree of quality. Their line of pedals, power supplies and switching devices are at the top of the "A" list. All their products are built by hand using the best components.   More Info

Digital Music Corporation
The "Digital Music Corporation", (DMC) is the Mother company of Voodoo Lab. In recent years, the DMC name is being phased out and the Voodoo Lab brand will cover all their products. DMC, better known as Voodoo Lab, developed the Ground Control System. This is a premier guitar audio switching system used by a huge list of top touring professionals. The GC Pro can be used to control all your rack gear or add the GCX switcher for further control of amps and stomp boxes. Reconfigure your entire sound all at the push of a button.  More Info

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