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Audio Cables

Pedalboard patch cords, audio, guitar and Instrument cables for the discerning musician.  The best cables for your guitar, pedal board and rack gear.  We feature great choices from Mogami, G&H, Neutrik, Lava, Gepco, George L’s, Canare, VTG and others.  The right cable will enhance the capability of all your gear to achieve optimum sound.

Patch – Pedalboards, Insert, TS and TRS        Instrument – TS and TRS        George L’s        Lava Cable



We carry many of the following pedals by:

RMC Wahs
Voodoo Lab


Pedalboard Systems

Evolutionary products and solutions that simply work!  Stompin-Ground pedalboard systems are designed for the touring professional.  We make these in a variety of designs that typically meet any of your requirements.  We also offer several other quality mass produced pedalboards giving you more choices and solutions to meet every need.

Stompin Ground        Pedal Pad        Pedaltrain


Pedalboard Related Items

Find parts and supplies to help customize your rig.

Hook & Loop Supplies
Spiral Wrap
Wah Mounting Plates



Power Supplies & Power Distribution

The Voodoo Lab Pedal Power 2 Plus is the premier method to power your pedalboard.  The Pedal Power AC is also available to power certain high current pedals.  Learn more about all the stock and custom power cables we have available to safely power most any pedal situation.  We also carry the simple and effective MKS Power Pad and the affordable Godlyke Power-All system and all their power cables too.

Voodoo Lab:    2 Plus    ISO 5    Digital    4×4    Mondo    “AC”
Others:    Godlyke Power All
Power Distribution:    Power Supply Cables    AC Power Distribution

Voodoo Lab Ground Control Pro Midi Foot Controller



Switching – Routing – Interfacing

Whether you need the ultimate signal routing and instrument interfacing solution or a more simple switching device or direct box, Stompin-Ground offers professional products that do the job right.  Great sound is the only choice and it’s delivered with this innovative line of products.

Radial / Tonebone – CONTACT US

We have several Radial and Tonebone items in stock at closeout prices.

Voodoo Lab:  Pedal Switcher – Commander – Amp Selector – Guitar Switching System – Midi Foot Controller


Shockmount Rack Cases

Heavy duty rackmount cases designed specifically for the gear you are transporting.  All Stompin-Ground racks have a shockmount system tailored to the type and weight of your equipment for maximum protection.

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