Audio Cables



Pedalboard Patch Cables

If you are a serious musician who uses a pedal board, these top of the line Mogami/G&H cables are designed for the touring professional.  Long life, great sound and superior performance is what you will get with these outstanding patch cables for your pedalboard.  Any length and plug configuration is available!  Check them out!  More info…




Instrument Cables

Choose your cable, your length, your plugs… and you’re set!  Custom cables made easy!  We offer either Neutrik or G&H professional plugs in any configuration with several different cables options.  Great tone and reliability come together in this professional line of instrument cables.  Yours will be one of the most rugged and best sounding cables available.  More info…




Lava Cable

Lava Cable and G&H Industries has designed a revolutionary DIY solder-free plug specifically designed with tight tolerances to match the Lava Mini ELC cable.  The Lava Plug is first solder-free DIY plug on the market not to use a set screw to make the ground connection.  Instead, a sleeve making 360 degree ground and outer jacket contact is used.  More info…




George L’s Cable

Great cable with solder-free plugs. Easy to assemble your own custom length cables for your pedalboard, rack or studio.  Voted #1 for sound clarity — Guitar Player Magazine…  “It’s my favorite cable ever made for guitar”!  — Eric Johnson  More info…

.155 Cable         .225 Cable         Speaker Cable         Tools




Cable Management

An ideal covering to bundle and protect all types of cables.  Make your own snakes of any length. Plugs can exit the wrap at any point so your snake can be more like a spider if you want.  Easy to install, re-useable, light weight and UV resistant for extended use in adverse conditions.  Great cable management fast! Color: Black. More to come in this category!  More info…

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