Parts & Accessories


Audio Parts and Connectors

Audio parts and connectors for the DIY crowd.  More info…

Tilt wheel


Hardware and replacement parts.  More info…


Hook and Loop Supplies

We offer hook and loop supplies that enable you to amend, modify or create your own custom pedalboard application. Choices include 1″ wide hook with pressure sensitive adhesive (PSA) on the back; 1/2″ wide plain hook; Loop fabric available in virtually any size.  More info…


Power Supply Parts

Parts to make your own power supply cables.  More info…


Spiral Wrap

Spiral wrap is a cool way to manage cable and make your own custom snake or spider wiring applications.  Works great for audio cable and both AC or DC power cables.  More info…


Wah Mounting Plates

Here is the easiest way to mount your Wah!  If you use a wah or other pedal that has the outer enclosure designed like the Dunlop Cry Baby, including Budda, Vox, RMC or other wah’s, we offer handy backing plates to mount them to your pedalboard.  There’s even models for some odd year and specialty wahs.  More info…

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