16 in. Wide Velcro Loop Fabric

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16 in. Wide Velcro Loop Fabric

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16 in. Wide Velcro Loop Fabric
16 in. Wide Velcro Loop Fabric

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16 in. Wide Velcro Loop Fabric

Model Number: LOOP-16
Made in USA

16" wide Velcro loop fabric cut to any length. Sold and priced by the linear inch from a 16 inch wide roll. Please allow a tolerance of up to minus 1/8" on the length and/or width.

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Brand: Velcro
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Velcro ® Loop Fabric

Avoid cheap imitations and enjoy the quality of genuine Velcro ® Loop fabric, made in the USA.  Make your own custom tailored pedalboard creation or augment an existing setup.  We stock wide rolls of Velcro Loop fabric in many different widths.  Select the width you want and then fill in quantity with the length you need.  Round up to the nearest inch, no decimals please.  Prices for all widths have many different discounts available depending on the [quantity] length ordered.  Loop fabric is priced and sold by the linear inch.

Loop fabric is pictured in the lower right corner (above).  Loop is soft to the touch being made with “loops” of nylon filament.  Also pictured is a 10′ roll of 1″ wide PSA backed Hook material (left) and a 4′ roll of 1/2″ plain hook (upper right corner). Hook has a more abrasive “whisker-like” feel being covered with little “hooks” of a bit thicker nylon.  Click image for a larger view.

Metric conversion:  [Centimeters] divided by 2.54 equals inches.  Example: (100cm / 2.54) = 39.37 inches.

How to attach Loop fabric

Use a permanent high strength spray type contact adhesive that you might find at a hardware store.  An example of this might include 3M spray adhesive #90.  Others can also do a fine job.  Usually 2 light coats (1 horizontal and 1 vertical to form a grid pattern) on both surfaces does the trick.  Keep spray moving to avoid seeping or blowing adhesive through the loop fabric.  Fairly swift movements may work best but get 100% coverage.  Test in a small area.  It normally would not hurt to do more than 2 coats if 100% coverage has not been met.  Multiple lighter coats may prevent seep through.  You have to watch out for that.

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