George L’s Cable Screwdriver

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George L's Cable Screwdriver

George L's Cable Screwdriver
George L's Cable Screwdriver

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George L's Cable Screwdriver

Model Number: SCREW
Made in USA

Just the right size for George L's straight plugs.
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Just the right size for George L?s straight plugs.  Features an anodized aluminum handle with a precision machined flat blade tip.  The handle is also oversized and knurled for easy assembly of all the straight plugs as well as other jobs requiring a small precision screwdriver.  Colors change from time to time.  Currently they are silver.  Small enough to fit almost anywhere and is a great addition to your tool kit.


Enjoy the sound of your instrument without the noise and buzz that outside interference can cause.  Great for your pedalboard, rack or your entire studio – George L’s have the cable and plugs to fit your needs.  Your instrument is only as good as the cables that carry your music to the ears of the listener.  George L’s make having high quality cables so easy!

Make a cable any length… In a snap!
Clean up your tangled pedalboard or redo your rack in minutes.  Your cable makes a big difference in how you sound.

Fast and easy… even on the road!
Have you ever experienced a damaged cable from the rigors of the road?  This problem has an quick remedy with the solderless connection… just reapply your plug to the existing (or new) cable, tighten down the set screw and your done in seconds.  No stripping!  No soldering!  Great to have some on hand to replace a defective cable on the fly!

The best quality for pedalboards and racks!
Voted #1 for sound clarity — Guitar Player Magazine.  The special anti-stat in the cable allows your music to flow without the problems of hum, buzz, or microphonics while you play.

Great Sound Quality!
“It’s my favorite cable ever made for guitar”!
— Eric Johnson —

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