Mini Plug – 3.5mm + 2.1mm, both straight

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Mini Plug - 3.5mm + 2.1mm, both straight

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Mini Plug - 3.5mm + 2.1mm, both straight
Mini Plug - 3.5mm + 2.1mm, both straight

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Mini Plug - 3.5mm + 2.1mm, both straight

Model Number: MN
Made in USA (Except Voodoo Lab brand cables)

5.5mm x 2.1mm barrel plug and a 3.5mm mini plug, both straight. The 18" cable is a Voodoo Lab brand part number PPMIN. All the rest are custom made.

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Brand: Voodoo Lab
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3.5mm mini plug and 2.1mm barrel plug - both straight

Also known as an 1/8″ mini plug, this cable features a 5.5mm x 2.1mm straight barrel plug on one end and a right angle 3.5mm mini plug on the other end.  Standard polarity.  When used with a Voodoo Lab type DC power supply or similar, the 3.5mm mini plug cable connection is compatible with mostly older/vintage pedals from MXR, DOD, Electro-Harmonix, Pro-Co (Rat series), Klon Centaur, Lovetone and vintage (non-LED) Voodoo Lab pedals.

Standard polarity is wired as follows:  
• 5.5mm outer barrel is connected to 3.5mm tip
• 2.1mm center of barrel is connected to 3.5mm sleeve.

This cable may be used on other power supplies that use a 3.5mm mini plug for it’s outputs such as on some Furman, DC Brick, SKB (ie: PS-45) and other models as long as the polarity meets your application.  The polarity on the SKB PS-55 is opposite but that unit has the ability to switch the polarity so a standard cable can be used.

We can make reversed polarity versions of this cable that are wired like the gray ones that come with the SKB-55.  Some older Gator power supplies also require this uncommon configuration.  Contact us if you need that style.

Please click the “More Info” tab above for important information regarding all the power supply cables we offer.

Pictures:  The pictures here show the plug configurations for each cable.  Their appearance may differ from the actual cable you receive however they will function all the same.  The appearance and price also vary depending on the different options selected.  This is due to whether a cable is mass produced or custom made and varies by the available component parts used and the complexity of the custom cable assembly.

Color Coding:  Many cables have color coding to differentiate the various configurations however cables in each group may be color coded in slightly different ways.

Length:  Choose the length that meets your needs. The approximate length is the wire measured between the plug handles. Overall length is about 2″ greater.


This diagram is for reference only but it gives you an idea of how these cables are measured.

1 Reviews for Mini Plug - 3.5mm + 2.1mm, both straight

  • Works for Dunlop DCB-10 DC Brick w/9v Pedals - Thursday, November 9, 2017 Anonymous - Verified Purchase
    These are confirmed working for using my Dunlop DCB-10 DC Brick power supply to power effects pedals with a 9v BOSS-style jack. This was the most inexpensive place on the internet I found to buy a single cable like this and it works great, so I am very happy with my purchase.
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