Mogami 2524 Instrument Cable

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Mogami 2524 Instrument Cable

3 Reviews
Mogami 2524 Instrument Cable
Mogami 2524 Instrument Cable

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Mogami 2524 Instrument Cable

Model Number: C-MOG
Made in USA

Choose your length and plugs and you're set! Custom cables made easy! Great tone and reliability come together in this professional line of instrument cables. Yours will be one of the most rugged and best sounding cables available.

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Customize Your Instrument Cable:




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You can choose from any of our brands listed here:  Instrument Cables

We have many different lengths listed.  If you need something in between, order the next size up and just leave a note.  On instrument cables like this, we cut the raw cable at the listed length so the finished length is within about an inch of that when assembled to the plugs.

Your choice! We offer great quality from G&H, Switchcraft and Neutrik.  We like nickel plated plugs however we offer gold plated plugs as well.  We feel gold plating is mostly cosmetic because all gold plated instrument plugs are nickel plated underneath the gold so the gold plating adheres well and looks shiny.  Technically it may be all for looks but your results may vary.

Plug 1: There are many choices such as right angle or straight offered in different finishes and plating so you get the perfect plug.  There are some specialty plugs too.  We only install the best connectors on your cable.  Plug 1 also defines the style of plugs we use for each end.
Plug 2: This will match the style of Plug 1. If you are getting either the Neutrik “Silent” or “Timbre” plug, we match the other end with a Neutrik black and gold style unless otherwise noted.

Strain Relief

• Default choices are listed at the top of the selection box and are the recommended methods of strain relief.  We use that method if no choice is made so you can ignore this if you want.

• Colored tubing that is simply installed only under the housing is available for G&H and Switchcraft plugs.  This let’s the nickel or black housings to be visible.

• Colored shrink tube can be installed underneath in the “Default” methods mentioned and extend out to have about 1″ of visibility.  This enables an over/under shrink tube configuration with some color coding.



Instrument Cables – More Info




Images Coming Soon

Beauty is in the details
We’ve spent many hours testing several quality cables for the best electrical properties, physical construction and sound quality.  For your custom instrument cable, we offer the best choice of plugs, cable and options available to make an excellent cable at a nice price.

You are able to choose from any of the cables we have in stock.  They are (in alphabetical order) Canare GS-6, George L’s 225, Mogami 2524, Soundflex, VTG Concert and the X-Band high performance cable by Gepco.

Features & Benefits:

• Highly accurate and transparent
• Wide dynamic range
• Low capacitance
• Low handling noise
• Extra-flexible
• Polyethylene dielectric
• Full shielding
• Durable pro quality

The best electrical properties, physical construction and sound quality!

Choose your cable, length, plugs and configuration.

Easy Custom Cables!



3 Reviews for Mogami 2524 Instrument Cable

  • Great cables. Best service. - Saturday, May 28, 2022 DANIEL LUGO CAMBRANIS
    Balance and fine signal, very well built. SOLID.

    thank you Stomping Ground.
  • Great cables, and Awesome service! - Saturday, May 28, 2022 DANIEL LUGO CAMBRANIS
    very well built, balanced sound and fine signal.
    i highly recomend it.
    Thanks Stomping ground.
  • Can't Go Wrong With These Cables - Tuesday, November 30, 2021 Anonymous - Verified Purchase
    Great Cables!

    Solid connection and clean / accurate / clear tone.

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