TRS Stereo Patch Cable

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TRS Stereo Patch Cable

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TRS Stereo Patch Cable
TRS Stereo Patch Cable

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TRS Stereo Patch Cable

Model Number: TRS
Made in USA

We feature premium Canare cable and a nice selection of TRS plugs making the best stereo cables around. Select options to customize your cable.
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Mono TS plugs are shown here for reference only.  The TRS cables are measured the same way.   The typical tolerance for the measured length is (-0.0 / +0.5″).  Therefore a 12 inch cable would be about 12.0″ to 12.5″ long measured as in the descriptions below.  Metric Length Conversion: cm / 2.54 = inches.


Right angle plugs are measured from the center of each plug as shown.


Straight plugs are measured from the shoulder of each plug as shown.


Therefore a combination of right angle and straight plugs would be measured from the center of the right angle to the shoulder of the straight plug as shown.

Plug orientation

Pedalboard patch cable plug orientation

Mono plugs are shown in the upper photo for reference only.  TRS cables are orientated the same way.  One of the options is to have an “opposing / asymmetrical / S-shape” right angle plug configuration. The right angled plugs can be orientated in the opposite direction along the length of the cable, viewed when the cable is laying in a straight line. In some situations, opposing right angles let you avoid having to twist it into position.  Please study this option carefully to avoid any confusion.

Top:  Opposing “S” plug configuration.
Center:  Standard right angle configuration.
Bottom:  One right angle and one straight plug. Right angle orientation is insignificant when one end is straight.


In this lower photo, there’s two examples of TRS cables that have the Opposing “S” plug configuration. The “S” shape is more easily viewed when the cable is in somewhat of a straight line such as the cable marked in white.

TRS Plugs

We offer a selection of the best sounding and most reliable TRS plugs available.  G&H is our recommended TRS connector for all straight plug applications.  For right angles, we recommend Switchcraft.  G&H does not currently manufacture a right angle TRS plug.  We appreciate Switchcraft’s consistency of producing precision connectors that are very reliable and well made.

Strain Relief

Mono TS plugs are shown here for reference only.  The TRS cables have shrink tubing in the same way.  Here are some example showing eight of the strain relief colors we offer installed under the plug housings.  Black tubing installed OVER the housings (not shown here but see “Length” section above) is an available option however the tubing under the housing allows us to reinforce the strain relief a little better.  Below are some nickel housings with the short frame Mono straight and right angle plugs for reference.  The TRS versions will look similar but the straight housing will have the normal length.  Click to start a slide show.


Our exclusive G&H short frame straight plugs with 1.13" housings.

Beauty is in the details… And you will find beauty in every aspect of the sound, form and function of these excellent cables. We invested numerous hours testing many of the top quality cables and connectors for the best electrical properties, physical construction and sound quality. We undoubtedly found the best combination of plugs and cable hand soldered together with the best silver based solder available to suit professional audio applications. Just choose your length and some other options and you’ll have the best custom cable. It’s that easy!

Features & Benefits:

• Highly accurate and transparent
• Wide dynamic range
• Low capacitance
• Very low noise
• Extra-flexible
• Precise shielding
• Protective strain relief
• Durable pro quality


The photo above shows a few cables plugged into some effects.  The signal goes from Guitar > Wah > 9″ RR Cable > Compressor > 9″ RS Cable > Volume Pedal > 7″ RS Cable > Digital Delay > Amp.  When measuring for your pedals, keep in mind the metal handle of the plug does not flex as shown above.

Extremely Rugged       Good Flexibility       Very Reliable       Great Tone

Forget the hype, we’re offering the finest audio cables for the real world.

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