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Voodoo Lab Proctavia

Model Number: VP
Made in USA

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Proctavia features:

• Classic fuzz/octave tones 
• True bypass switching with LED
• Hand built in the U.S.A.
• 5-year warranty (North American only)


The Octavia is a fuzz which creates the octave doubling effect (one octave higher) made famous by Jimi Hendrix and Jeff Beck. The Voodoo Lab Proctavia is an exact replica of Tycobrahe Sound Company’s Octavia, the model used by Stevie Ray Vaughan and considered the most desirable by vintage collectors.

The Proctavia includes the same transistors, germanium diodes and transformer coupled output stage as the original circuit to produce the outrageous distortion and high octave sound heard on classic recordings like “Are You Experienced” and “Wired”.

All Voodoo Lab pedal effects are hand made in California, USA from the finest components available and are backed by a 5-year warranty. They feature true bypass switching, all analog circuits, a heavy duty metal enclosure and an on/off LED status light.


“Voodoo Lab’s Proctavia: it’ll put a spell on you. Once the Proctavia is plugged in, it doesn’t take long to realise that you’re dealing with a quality pedal that oozes versatility from its two controls.” – WHAT GUITAR Magazine, U.K.

Voodoo Lab has designed and manufactured professional electronics for recording and touring musicians since 1986.  Rugged, reliable and handmade from the finest components, every product is hand built one at a time in our Northern California facility.  Created and built by musicians for musicians, all Voodoo Lab products deliver pure, richly detailed tones that can be heard on the biggest stages worldwide.

Whether you’re a stompbox junkie, or putting together the ultimate programmable rig that incorporates rack gear and vintage pedals, Voodoo Lab can help you achieve the sounds you’re looking for.

Click the links below for additional info.  Opens in a new tab at the Voodoo Lab website:

• FAQ’s

• Manuals

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